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(ISBN numbers may be different for later editions
and do not even exist for some publications)

Books about the Masai Mara

Guidebook to the Masai Mara Reserve
Produced by: Design Horizons International
Author: Alison Wilson

Detailed guides to Kenya and/or East Africa

The Rough Guide: Kenya
Published by: Rough Guides Ltd
Author: Richard Trillo
Isbn: 1-85828-448-1

Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit: Kenya
Published by: Lonely Planet Publications
Authors: Geoff Crowther and Hugh Finlay
Isbn: 0-86442-103-6

Footprint Handbooks: East Africa Handbook
Published by: Passport Books
Authors: Michael Hodd, Margaret Carswell, Joan Roche, Sebastian Ballard and David Snashall.
Isbn: 0-900751-80-0

Other related books

National Geographic Journal
Published by: National Geographic Society
For example issue February 1997 containing "The Dawn of Humans" by Rick Gore

Maasai Language & Culture (Dictionary)
(Maasai Centre Lemek)
Author: Frans Mol (Mill Hill Missionary)

The Maasai
(Kenya Literature Bureau)
Author: S. S. Ole Sankan

The Masai People
Published by: Riddervold Foto a.s
Authors: Johan B. Steen and Esben Riddervold
Isbn: 82-993009-0-8

Field Guides to Animals

The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals
Published by: Academic Press
Author: Jonathan Kingdon
Isbn: 0-12-408355-2
Highly recommended

Field Guide to The Larger Mammals of Africa
Published by: Struik Publishers
Authors: Chris and Tilde Stuart
Isbn: 1-86825-757-6
Highly recommended

Land Mammals of Southern Africa (A field guide)
Published by: Southern Book Publishers (Pty) Ltd
Author: Reay H. N. Smithers
Isbn: 1-86812-401-0
Recommended (for Southern Africa)


Teach Yourself: Swahili
Published by: Hodder and Stoughton
Author: D. V. Perrott
Isbn: 0-340-27637-1

Teach Yourself: Swahili
Published by: Hodder and Stoughton
Author: Joan Russell
Isbn: 0-340-62094-3

Simplified Swahili
Published by: Longman
Author: Peter M. Wilson
Isbn: 0-582-62358-8

Berlitz Phrase Book: Swahili
Published by: Berlitz Publishing Co. Ltd.
Isbn: 2-8315-0922-x


Masai Mara National Reserve Map
Published by: Macmillan
Isbn: 0-333-44500-7

World Travel Map of Kenya & Tanzania
Published by: Bartholomew
Isbn: 0-7028-3119-0

Travel Map of Kenya
Published by: Globetrotter
Isbn: 1-85368-371-X

Masai Mara National Reserve
Published by: Mount Kenya Sundries Ltd

A Map of the Masai Mara
Published by: Rowanya Enterprises (K) Ltd

Masai Mara Game Reserve
Published by: Ines May - Publicity

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